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Michael Chu’di Ejekam: Commercial Real Estate is Going Green

is globally-known for his experience and expertise in the retail real estate industry.

Michael Chu’di Ejekam is globally-known for his experience and expertise in the retail real estate industry. His forward-thinking concepts have helped him and the companies he has served to lead the industry in innovation. Green building, often referred to as sustainable design, is one of the concepts utilized in projects Michael Chu’di Ejekam has been involved in.

What is Green Building?

Overall, green building refers to improving the efficiency of a structure in various ways, such as cutting down on energy use, minimizing water use,  cutting back on materials, and even building smaller. When structures are made green from the start, it’s better for the environment and is generally better for the structure as well. Experienced developers can also add to the overall greenness of a project by keeping efficiency in mind during the process of surveying land and designing the structure. Something as simple as sourcing materials locally can help make a building more green, too, because it cuts down on the fuel needed to transport them.

Why Go Green?

Ultimately, the best thing about green buildings is that they cut back on the consumption of natural resources and are better for the environment. This helps keep our air and water clean. Some studies have tied green buildings to better employee health and higher productivity levels as well. Arguably, the best thing about efficient structures is that they are less expensive to operate. Over the lifetime of a building, those savings can really add up. Some green buildings save their owner’s thousands of dollars every year.

Michael Chu’di Ejekam: The Tie to Green

One of the most notable projects Michael Chu’di Ejekam has been involved in is Heritage Place, the first certified green commercial building in Lagos, Nigeria. The building, itself, looks sleek and modern and is bones are quite innovative, too. There are many green features inside Heritage place, but some of the most important are its water-recycling system, high-efficiency/ activity-sensing lighting, and glazing. The building actually collects rainwater and uses it for the restrooms and irrigation, which cuts down significantly on how much water the building and its occupants use. The structure was also laid out perfectly, so that it would receive plenty of natural sunlight and ventilation, but minimizes solar exposure, so the overall heating and cooling costs are less while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. With all these energy-saving features, the structure uses 30-40% less energy than other buildings in Lagos.

Get Your Green Building Information from Michael Chu’di Ejekam

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