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These London-based startups are pioneering new ways to create cleaner, smarter energy

  Exploring the answers to tomorrows energy challenge is at the heart of Shells Make the Future campaign and their flagship event, Make the Future London. Shell is committed to supporting bright energy ideas...

Michael Chudi Ejekam

Michael Chudi Ejekam Presentation At Broll Convention

Michael Chudi Ejekam delivered a presentation on the Broll event titled “Retail Industry: 10 Years from Now”. Michael’s presentation focuses on Nigeria’s retail development and is aptly named “The next generation of malls in...

Michael Chudi Ejekam, Michael Chu'di Ejekam, Michael Ejekam, Retail Development, Africa

Michael Chudi Ejekam Blog Presents: 5 Largest Retailers in Africa

As a thought leader in Africa’s retail revolution, Michael Chudi Ejekam constantly has eyes on how businesses throughout the region are doing. This enables him to keep a pulse on the industry and assess...